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Do you love your pet? Would you want your pet returned if it were lost or stolen? Then you need a microchip!

Every day, we receive calls about lost pets. Now we can help. Our hospital can safely and permanently identify your dog or cat. A simple injection of a tiny microchip under the skin gives your pet A LIFETIME OF PROTECTION. Local animal shelters and clinics use a scanner to check stray animals for this device. It could save your pet’s life.

The ideal time to implant one of these microchips is while your pet is anesthetized for surgery. There will be no pain from the injection, and you won’t need to come in for an additional office visit later.

Using a tiny microchip about the size of a grain of rice, HomeAgain connects you and your pet to a comprehensive pet recovery service, helping to keep your pet safe and giving you peace of mind. As your pet protection and safety resource, the new HomeAgain offers you a suite of services that includes:

Advanced Pet Recovery. Should your pet become lost, the HomeAgain microchip helps ensure his safe return. HomeAgain is the only service on the market today that sends out a lost pet alert to vet clinics and shelters when your pet is lost, and allows for immediate access to his medical information to facilitate the best care possible when he is found.

Emergency Pet Center. Gain 24-hour access to our on-call veterinarians who can offer medical assistance or connect you to an emergency vet.

Online Medical Information. Traveling with or kenneling your pet is a breeze with convenient access to your pet's health information.

ID Card. At your request, HomeAgain will send you a wallet-sized identification card for your pet, updated with vaccination and emergency contact information.

For more microchipping information please visit www.homeagain.com

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