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Kitten evaluations:

Things to consider

1.  Vaccinate with a series of boosters to give your kitten immunity against contagious diseases.

2.  Sound nutrition is the foundation on which your kittens health is built. Please feed the highest quality food available to you.

3. Protect your kitten against internal parasites. Follow CDC recommendations by deworming as a kitten, then repeat yearly. Have a stool exam at least once a year, more often if parasites have been a problem. 

4.  Protect against external parasites as well. Apply topical flea and tick prevention all year round.

5.  Provide your pet with the following items:

  • Food and water bowls

  • Litter boxe(s)

  • Bed

  • Toys

  • Car carrier

  • Brush

  • Nail clippers


7.  Spend time while your kitten is young, getting them accustomed to different people and experiences:

  • Car rides

  • Interaction with children and strangers

  • Grooming & brushing

KITTEN: Vaccination Protocol:

First Visit (8 weeks)

  • General physical

  • FVRCP  (Feline Rhinotracheitis, Calici, and Panleukopenia)

  • Check fecal (stool sample) for intestinal parasites, and a dose of deworming medication.

  • External parasite check & control with monthly flea control initiated.

  • FELV/FIV/HW test (Feline leukemia, Feline immunodeficiency virus and heartworm)


Second Visit (12 weeks)

  • FVRCP   (Feline Rhinotracheitis, Calici, and Panleukopenia)

  • FELV* #1

  • Second dose of deworming medication

  • Rabies

  • Adjust, if needed, intestinal parasite & heartworm preventative dose


Third Visit (16 weeks)

  • FVRCP 1 year  (Feline Rhinotracheitis, Calici, and Panleukopenia)

  • FELV* 1 year

  • Recheck fecal

  • Adjust intestinal parasite & heartworm preventative dose


*Denotes non-core vaccines that are not required but are strongly recommended*


Five to Seven Months

  • Spay or neuter

  • Adjust  intestinal parasite & heartworm preventative dose

Follow BBAH

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