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Fear-Free Veterinary Care

Beaver Brook Animal Hospital is committed to providing the best care possible for you and your pet. Our veterinarians and staff are focused on incorporating practices that are intended to reduce anxiety that your pet and yourself may experience during their veterinary visit.  

What is a Fear-Free experience?

We want your pet to look forward to their visit at Beaver Brook Animal Hospital. As Fear-Free professional we use methods dedicated to improving the overall experience of each vet visit. Our veterinarians along with our staff are implementing practices that seek to eliminate stress for your pet. Beaver Brook Animal Hospital recognizes that each of our patients is unique; therefore we must adapt to the specific needs of each pet. Every Fear-Free method is intentional and distinct in making the veterinary experience as stress-free as possible for your pet.  

What changes have we made for a Fear Free experience? 

We’ve made several changes at Beaver Brook Animal hospital to remove anxiety triggers and create a stress-free environment.  As a result, pets that have previously shown signs of anxiety, stress and/or fear are now demonstrating noticeably positive changes in behavior.  Here are some things you might notice when you visit us:

  • You may notice plug-ins in the wall – these are dispensing calming pheromones (chemical signals) that only your pet can detect.  These pheromones help signal to them that this is a safe place and decrease their stress-response.  (You may also see one of our Medical Care Team applying a pheromone spray to blankets and towels and putting them close to your pet, enhancing the effect.)
  • We will ask you to sit with your pet for a few minutes in the exam room before we begin your appointment.  This allows your pet to get familiar with the environment and gives the pheromones time to do their work.
  • The music you hear in the exam room has been studied by behaviorists, and found to help decrease stress and anxiety in animals.
  • At times, you may notice a softer tone in our voice as we try our best to create an environment and atmosphere that is peaceful and relaxing for your pet.
  • We will give plenty of treats to your pet during their visits, as long as this is medically appropriate – positive experiences will help make this a “happy place” for your pet. (It helps if you bring them in hungry!!)
  • We strive to examine your pet where he or she is comfortable.  This may mean doing our exam on the exam table, on the floor, or with your pet sitting in your lap.  We may try different approaches to find what works best for your pet.
  • We plan to use distraction techniques whenever possible, to distract your pet’s attention from any procedure we plan to perform, such as vaccinations.
  • We encourage you to bring your pet to visit us between scheduled appointments for snuggles, pets and treats, so that coming in becomes something they look forward to and enjoy.
  • Some animals that are very fearful or anxious about coming to the veterinarian may benefit from a “chill pill” given prior to their visit.  There are several natural products available that have a calming effect.  For highly anxious pets, stronger medications are available.  We will discuss your options with you and help you decide which is best for your pet.

As a Fear Free Certified Professional team, we want to make your pet’s veterinary experience as enjoyable and as stress free as possible. As such,
it’s important for us to understand what your pet might find upsetting. The information will help us to adjust our care to better serve and comfort
your pet. Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability so we can take into consideration both your & your pet’s preferences.

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