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Paws for Healing

Crystal Therapy for Dogs and Cats

Amethyst-$11.95 Aquamarine- $8.95
Citrine- $11.95 Clear Quartz- $11.95
Fluorite- $11.95 Rose Quartz and Amethyst- $13.95

All purchases are to be made at the clinic.

Custom orders are welcome and start at $25, please email pawsforhealing@beaverbrookah.com to discuss ideas and a more detailed quote. 

Tiger's Eye  

-helps with eye problems, alleviates pain
-helps with healing broken bones and the alignment of the spinal column


-General Healing
- Negates Anxiety, Fear, Anger


Amethyst and Rose Quartz

-Relieves Anxiety, Fear, Anger
-Relieves  Sadness and Depression



-alleviates fears and phobias
-negates kidney and bladder infections
-Balances the thyroid



-helps with thyroid problems
-helps with dental and oral problems



- helps regulate hypertension
- heals heart and circulatory problems


Clear Quartz

-known as the “master healer”
-said to draw out pain
-especially helpful with arthritis, bone injuries, and diabetes


Clear Quartz and Amethyst

-work in unison for overall health and well being
-helps alleviate anxiety



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